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    Renewable Energy Roundtable
    Industry and Government Perspectives on Global Wind Power
    May 13, 2014

    Wind power is one of the most widely deployed sources of renewable energy in the world today, and although most global wind power capacity is concentrated in three major markets—the US, Europe, and China—it is increasingly drawing interest in the developing world. As wind turbines have become larger, more efficient, and more reliable, its attractiveness as an addition to national energy mixes has grown. The US remains the largest market opportunity for wind, although potential obstacles exist. The continuation of the PTC will be a key driver for wind market growth, and the US transmission infrastructure is reaching a saturation point with regards to its ability to support additional wind capacity. Other variables can also dramatically impact future wind deployments in the US, including the price of natural gas and the EPA’s rulemaking on greenhouse gases. Looking towards the future, transportation and logistics will play an increasingly important role in determining the future cost of wind, and given issues of saturation in the established wind markets, the emerging markets may play a more central role in determining the future growth of global wind power.