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    Ad Hoc and Collaborative Events
    KAERI-GABI-KNPS Seminar: US-Korea Nuclear Cooperation
    July 10, 2013

    KAERI, GABI, KNPS organized seminar titled “US-Korea Nuclear Cooperation” on July 10 at Lotte Hotel, Seoul Korea. The U.S. delegation, Paul Dickman from Argonne National Laboratory, Tom Blees from the Science Council, Walter Howes from Verdigris Capital and Mark Holt from Congressional Research Service, was led by GABI President Florence Lowe-Lee. Korean participants included Yong-up Han form Korean Nuclear Policy Society, Soon-heung Chang and Man-sung Im from KAIST, Sung-won Park and Kwang-seok Lee from KAERI, Bong-geun Juen from IFAN and Chang-hoon Shin from Asan Policy Institute.