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    Staff and Interns
    Alan Ahn
    Director of Programs and Communications
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    Alan Ahn joined GABI in November 2011 as its Director of Programs and Communications. His primary focus is the development, planning, and execution of GABI’s energy-related programs, covering subjects such as nuclear power, US-ROK civil nuclear cooperation, nuclear fuel cycle policy, nonproliferation and safeguards, advanced nuclear technology R&D, and renewable energy R&D and policy. Some of his main responsibilities include the handling of the internship program, developing and designing publications, managing logistics, interviewing experts, researching key issues, moderating event panels, creating and executing presentations on energy issues, and crafting internal reports and official communications for GABI.

    Previously, Mr. Ahn received his Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, where he focused on Pacific Asia and International Security Studies. Within these fields of study, he specialized in nuclear nonproliferation policy, writing his Master’s thesis on the nature and implications of the DPRK’s proliferation of nuclear technologies. He also worked at the Project on Managing the Atom (MTA) at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University. At MTA, he edited and proofread articles, editorials, and papers, as well as conducted research on issues such as nuclear safety, security, and nonproliferation.

    Mr. Ahn holds a B.S. in International Political Economy from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. At Georgetown, he graduated Magna Cum Laude and was elected to become a member of Phi Beta Kappa during his junior year.

    Jae Soo Ryu
    Senior Fellow
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    Jae Soo Ryu is Head and Principal Researcher at the Nuclear Foreign Policy Research Team at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and Senior Fellow at GABI. At KAERI’s Nuclear Foreign Policy Research Team, Mr. Ryu has served as Project Manager for studies on issues such as strengthening international cooperation among IAEA member states, enhancing US-ROK nuclear cooperation, responding to North Korea’s nuclear tests, and reinforcing international nuclear cooperation under the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (IFNEC). Mr. Ryu has also been a part of the Korean delegations to the 2015 NPT Review Conference Preparatory Committee Meeting and the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit Sous-Sherpa Meeting. Mr. Ryu received both his BS and MS in Nuclear Engineering at Hanyang University, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate (ABD) in the field of International Politics and Foreign Security Policy at Chungnam National University.

    Will Davis
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    Will Davis is an experienced communicator in the field of nuclear energy. He is presently the Communications Director and Historian for the N.S. Savannah Association, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit that assists the U.S. Maritime Administration in preserving and restoring the nuclear powered commercial ship N.S. Savannah. Davis is also on the NSSA Board of Directors.

    Davis has been employed as an author since August 2012 by the American Nuclear Society; his work appears frequently on the ANS Nuclear Café blog, wherein he writes about nuclear energy’s history as well as current events, and his work has also appeared in Nuclear News.

    He is also employed by ANS as a Social Media consultant; as an ANS member, he holds a seat on the Communications Committee and is active in the continued ANS communications development.

    Davis also is a contributing author for Fuel Cycle Week; further, he writes his own very popular blog Atomic Power Review on the history and technology of nuclear energy, as well as current events. Davis has also been Secretary of the Board of Directors of PopAtomic Studios.

    His nuclear energy career began in the U.S. Navy, where he became qualified Reactor Operator on S8G and S5W reactor plants, serving 1986-1993. In the interim period during which he was not employed in nuclear energy, Davis became a published author, writing a regular column for ETCetera. Davis, 46, resides in Ohio.

    Tim Frazier
    Senior Advisor
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    Tim Frazier is former Federal Officer for the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future (BRC) and former Senior Official for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Mr. Frazier is also former Senior Advisor to the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), where he spearheaded the center's Nuclear Waste Project, and former Senior Advisor at Dickstein Shapiro LLP. During the course of more than 20 years with DOE, Mr. Frazier managed nuclear programs and nuclear operations. Mr. Frazier has advised on Japanese and U.S. interests on nuclear policy and technical issues stemming from the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and worked with clients on implementing the key legislative and commercial recommendations of the BRC. He is a 2007 recipient of the NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal. Appointed to the role of Federal Officer for the BRC by Energy Secretary Steven Chu in March 2010, Mr. Frazier was responsible for all aspects of the commission, including providing technical support and information to commission members.

    Bryan Cheong
    Research Associate
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    Bryan Cheong is Research Associate at GABI and Administrator of GABI’s Bimonthly International Energy Newsletter (BIEN). At GABI, he is responsible for researching and documenting policy, market, and technology trends in energy, as well as researching and analyzing trends in international energy issues. Mr. Cheong has some academic background in physics and chemistry, and thus holds particular interest in nuclear energy technology and policy issues. Mr. Cheong graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Virginia, where he focused heavily on research and experimental methodology.

    Yong Jea Gi
    Director of Web Development
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    Yong Jea Gi joined GABI in September 2011 as its Director of Web Development. His main focus is the development and management of the GABI website, including web design. He is also responsible for designing smart cards and e-mail flyers.

    Previously, he graduated Chung-Ang University with a major in computer science. He also received his master’s degree in computer graphics from Chung-Ang University. During his studies in this field, he was interested in the development of graphics techniques such as Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR), presenting his graphics-related papers in several conferences such as VAST 2006 and LNCS 2007. From 2007 to 2010, he served as Associate Research Engineer at KODICOM inc., developing the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system.

    Hugh Kim
    Research Associate
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    Hugh Kim joined GABI in May 2017 as a research associate. At GABI, Mr. Kim is responsible for researching and analyzing issues regarding international energy issues, including energy security, nuclear, renewable energy, oil and gas, as well as global environmental issues. Mr. Kim received dual law degrees from both the United States and South Korea. He is a recent law graduate of University of Illinois (Dec, 2016) and received his Bachelor of Law from Youngsan University (Aug, 2012). During his academic career, Mr. Kim focused on international and administrative law regarding energy and environmental policy, which helped him expand his scope and research methods.

    Ms. Yoo-jung Kim

    Division Director

    Ministry of Finance and Strategy
    Republic of Korea
    December 20, 2015 - December 19, 2017

    Dr. Dong-Hyoung Lee

    Senior Researcher

    International Strategy Team Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
    September 20, 2016 - September 15 2018

    Ms. Youngjin Lee

    Ministry of Employment and Labor

    Republic of Korea
    July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2017

    Ms. Myungshin Kim

    Division Director

    Prime Minister's Office
    Republic of Korea
    October 26, 2011 - October 25, 2013

    Mr. Kwen, Gu-hyung

    Head of Wonju District Employment and Labor Office

    Ministry of Employment and Labor
    Republic of Korea
    August 15, 2013 - August 13, 2015

    Dr. Won-yong Lee


    New and Renewable Energy Research Division
    Korea Institute of Energy Research
    February 1, 2013 - August 15, 2014

    Mr. Jae-soo Ryu

    Principle Researcher

    International Strategy Team
    Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
    August 26, 2014 - August 13, 2016

    Jina Kang

    School: The George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs
    Major: Asian Studies
    Research Interests: US-Korea-Japan Relations, Nuclear Energy, Renewable Energy

    Jenny Lee

    School: Handong Global University
    Major: International Area Studies/English Literature
    Research Interests: US-ROK Relations, East Asian Policy, North Korean Studies

    Sungjoo Ahn

    School: Georgetown University
    Major: STIA (Science, Technology, and International Affairs)
    Research Interests: Energy policy, renewable energy, oil and gas geopolitics, electricity sector

    Sangmi An

    School: University of Iowa
    Major: International Business, Entrepreneurial Management Certificate
    Research Interests: International Relations, Social Entrepreneurship, Renewable Energy

    Kristen Coppock

    School: Wright State University
    Major: Political Science, Minor in Chinese Studies
    Research Interests: International Relations, US-Asia Relations

    Eric Ettorre

    School: The George Washington University, Elliot School of International Affairs
    Major: International Affairs and Asian Studies; Minor: Music Vocal Performance
    Research Interests: US-Asia Foreign Policy, International Affairs, US-Korea Relations, US-China Relations

    Lauren Griffin

    School: Pepperdine University
    Major: International Studies, Political Science
    Research Interests: US Foreign Policy in Asia, Energy Security, Humanitarian Affairs

    Winston Hamel

    School: Penn State University, Schreyer Honors College
    Major: Asian Studies and Political Science
    Research Interests: US-Korea Relations, Korean Society

    Soo Hong Han

    School: George Washington University
    Major: International Business
    ​Research Interests: US-Korea Relations, Private and Governmental Trade and Investment

    Sangyoon Joo

    School: Gyeongsang National University
    Major: Advanced Materials and Ceramics Engineering
    Research Interests: Renewable Energy Technology, US-Korea Civil Nuclear Relations

    Saadia El Karfi

    School: Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley MA
    Major: Economics and French
    Research Interests: Economics of Immigration, North Africa and the Middle East, Financial Policy, Renewable Energy, Healthcare Economics

    Minju Kim

    School: Catholic University of Daegu
    Major: Law and Politics
    Research Interests: International Relations, US-Korea Relations

    Sookjin Kim

    School: Incheon National University
    Major: International Trade
    ​Research Interests: Renewable Energy Policy, International Relations, Free Trade Agreements

    Ji Heon Kim

    School: Bryant University
    Major: Business
    Research Interests: US-Korea Relations, Nuclear Energy

    Yi-Joo Kim (Rufio)

    School: Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University
    Major: International Relations:Latin America
    Research Interests: Sustainable growth, renewable/nuclear energy, development, Latin America

    Jihye Kim

    School: Washington University in St. Louis
    Major: Master of Social Work
    Research Interests: International Development, Social Entrepreneurship, and Impact evaluation

    Harvey Kim

    School: Handong Global University
    Major: U.S. & International Law, International and Area Studies
    Research Interests: US-ROK Relations, Korea Foreign Policy, Clean/Renewable Energy, Environmental Policy, Environmental Law, East Asian International Relations

    Juyoung Kwak

    School: Handong Global University
    Major: English, Counseling Psychology
    Research Interests: US-ROK Relations, Climate Change and Energy, International Development

    Steffanie Lee

    School: University of California, Berkeley
    Major: Economics
    Research Interests: International Relations, Economics in East Asia

    Charlotte Lee

    School: Korea University (previously Singapore Management University)
    Major: International Studies
    Research Interests: US-Korea Relations, Nuclear Energy, Humanitarian Intervention and Responsibility to Protect

    Brandon Lee

    School: American University Washington College of Law
    Major: Law
    Research interests: Legal issues in international energy policies

    Justin Lew

    School: Pepperdine University
    Major: Business Administration, Undergraduate Certificate in Conflict Management
    Research Interests: Financial Policy, International Relations, Renewable Energy

    Ashley Monconduit

    School: Pepperdine University
    Major: Pre-Accounting
    Research Interests: Economic & Monetary Policy, Latin American Studies, International Business

    Jonggun Park

    School: Handong Global University
    Major: Management, Economics
    Research Interest: Financial policy, Economy, Sustainable Energy

    Nazia Sadeq

    School: Mount Holyoke College
    Major: Economics/Biological Sciences
    Research Interests: Sustainable Clean Energy in Suburban/Rural Settings, Financial Policy, International Trade, Healthcare Economics

    Andrew Ton

    School: American University, School of International Service
    Major: International Studies
    Research Interests: Strategic Studies, Security Studies, US Foreign Policy towards East Asia, Nuclear Proliferation

    Patrick Yang

    School: Amherst College
    Major: Undecided
    Research Interests: East Asian Affairs, Inter-Korean Relations